A major headlines in newspapers and tv talks is about the haze in Riau, Indonesia. the disaster has been causing problematic issues between neighboring country : Malaysia and Singapore. Indonesian people from long time ago has habit to clear land by fire, such as for preparing land for plantation, or housing . this habit from the old time has never caused such a dramatic problem as nowadays since at the past time population is still low and transportation by air plane and marine was not too busy.
The plantation sector was blamed for the haze. Many large scale of plantation on site of the hotspot of fire in Riau. Many of the plantation owned by Indonesian and also a joint with Malaysia and or Singapore. some of hotspots were proven by satellite imaging was at the plantation sector of the company, but mostly was detected outside of the company site. from twitter : 42 hotspots in Sumatra as of 4.04pm today, according to @NEAsg data. For more #haze stories, visit http://bit.ly/17VaM0c #sghaze #myhaze.
All efforts has been made to solve the haze, such a water bombing from aircraft, making artificial rain, and the army personnel on site to extinguish the fire by hand. Indonesian government has done everything all out to solve the problem. including lawsuit made to some of the company @STcom The StraitsTimes :Indonesia says building criminal cases against 8 firms over fires http://bit.ly/1cqbNeo #haze.
The fire using in land opening is never cause a big problem when done in rainy season and small area such as by local people , but recently the dry season seems still happen in most area of Sumatera island. BBC journalist has his report http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-23040951 .
This situation seems to duplicate each year in quantity and its ‘quality’, the number of hotspots found and the effect it has caused. It is worsening by the land characteristic of Sumatera called ‘lahan gambut’ or peatland where most of hotspots found. the gambut when on fire is hard to control, because on the surface we may see no more fire, but deep in the soil the fire is still there waiting fir high winds to starts again.

Peatland soils are some of the most carbon dense landscapes in the world, and are estimated to hold about 18 times the carbon dioxide of trees. Image: Orangutan.com
Peatland soils are some of the most carbon dense landscapes in the world, and are estimated to hold about 18 times the carbon dioxide of trees. Image: Orangutan.com

All efforts has been made by Indonesian government should be appreciated highly. Many army personnel have been ordered to help, not to mention some millions dollars budget to solve the haze with technology. Malaysia government has offered some cooperation regard this problem, while Singapore has wholeheartedly accept SBY apology. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/pm-lee-yudhoyonos-apology-gracious-and-singapore-accepts-wholeheartedl
Well, as Indonesian and as part of our Asian community, we should looking for a better understanding and mutual cooperation amongst us. let’s relax a little bit.. this photo taken from https://twitter.com/FzwnArffn/status/349173667315466240/photo/1

joke on haze
joke on haze
which translate : hello, Indonesia, why so smoky there? did you do some barbeque party?
Please offer me some of the barbeque 🙂



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