Muslim all over the world will soon have to do fasting due to Ramadan month, which is one of the God’s will. In Indonesia where Muslim is majority of its people is in the eagerness to welcome the holy month.
This post is trying to understand and see how and why the fasting is usually generates inflation. In economic rule; when the supply is lower than the demand , prices will go up. But in reality, the supply is available and accessible at any traditional market in Indonesia. The product is daily product such egg, chicken meat, beef,chilli, and so on.
The price is ‘automatically’ rising a few weeks before the fasting month, and during the fasting month.
As we know, Indonesian though in fasting at day time, the family expenditure for daily consumption is rising, almost double than usual day. It’s an undoubted reality at any parts of Indonesia region, in urban and rural area. Indonesian usually break the fasting at night with some more ‘exclusive’ food and occasionally abundant.
Let’s look on how Indonesian shop for their daily needs. Many world’s modern and hypermarket leader set its foot in Indonesia big cities, but it CAN NOT replace the needs and urgency of traditional market. People needs to go to traditional market not only for shopping but to socialize and meets friends.In traditional market, each transaction is done by head to head ‘negotiation’ on price. The collective attitude of each transactions create ‘reasonable price’ which is agreed by the traders and buyers in the market. Indonesian is much tolerating the rising price during the fasting month, whatsoever the reason is. Weird? NO. It’s a habit that reflects Indonesian spirit of tolerating and helping one another.
The rising price is somehow burdening for low income people. For most employee, they will receive Tunjangan Hari Raya or liberally translated as extra salary given for Id celebration . But for commoners it must be hard to fulfill all extra spend while having no extra money in hand.
to solve such problem, there are some tricks to deal with the problem :
1. buy food etc before the price goes up, like a week or two weeks earlier.
2. buy things in bulky quantity, the price will be cheaper if quantity is larger. ask for special discount if available.
3. do saving collectively like arisan in order to spare money regularly and be strict to this.
4. write down everything your family needs to avoid useless and sudden buying, because usually the seller do more marketing effort to lust consumer to spend more than they actually needs.
5. no matter how much your extra money is, just be wise to save more and be SMART buyers.The fasting month is set to teach us how to control ourselves, it is well if we do more useful things in this holy month.


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