Balancing economic magnitude – a comprehensive outlook

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World economy depend on each of it elements such : population, geographic condition,level of health,education,leadership,government will, and competitiveness amongst nation. Since the era of great West domination gradually fade, the magnitude goes to the East. The West supremacy is basically driven by human factor such : education,health level, and government will. Manufacture sector is the largest locomotive of nation economic growth aside with technology advance. Manufacture has the highest cost of production to maintain its sustainability growth. Simple example is work force or labor; though the automation production system has been well established, the urgency of skilled and medium skilled worker is on top list of company priority. The demographic status of nation shown how many work force available at market. While the manufacture needs more workforce, it comes to a decision to move it factory or business to other country with larger work force. The relocation, at first can solve the scarcity of labor and parallel with lower cost of production due to relocation usually took place on developing nation or even undeveloped nation with lower wages paid. As the target nation of relocation become ‘wealthier’ , the company sees it as not only base for its production; but as a lucrative market to sell its products. The circle of ‘mutual’ involved in many major relocation or even merger and acquisition scheme for multinational company. Demographic shown Asia is the region with more populated nation than any other parts of the globe. New emerging countries with its amazing leaps has shocked the West. The element of competitiveness of its people has found the ‘maturity level’ to surpass the West . With political will of its government, some of Asia nation become ‘master’ on his own land. The region include Indonesia,China,Russia,South Korea,India,Japan, and ASEAN members. Like it or not,China has surpass the West. The Asia region depend on one another to ride its economic growth. Such inter-dependency has long time been created among the nation. For example: the dependency of raw material ,the dependency to hub global market, the dependency to transportation, the dependency to exchange of knowledge, etc.
If the magnitude of Asia region can be distributed to other such to Africa and Oceania region; it would be a DREAM for all. Yes a dream that sooner come TRUE. Elements to elevate :
1. Never underestimate the power of ‘one’

2. Political will of the government

3. Clean government

4. Innovate

5. Grow entrepreneurship
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6. Phylanthropy works

7. Believe in education

8. Be healthy

9. Believe in Utopia

10. Say no to war and terrorism

Be as happy and as pure as a baby  Any suggestion or comment is welcome… 


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