What Happens When A Black Man Brings His White Girlfriend Into A Harlem Barbershop? [Watch]

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What would you do?

What happens when a black man brings his white girlfriend into a barbershop in Harlem? The video showing how people reacted to this stereotyping scenario might surprise you.

In the video, several men and women react to racist hairdresser’s attempts to intimidate and humiliate a young girl because of the color of her skin.

In an episode of “What Would You Do”, three actors play out a racist scene in Denny Moe’s, a Harlem barbershop.

One actress portrays a hairdresser who bashes a man’s girlfriend because of her differing ethnicity. The show gauged real customers’ reactions as the hairdresser repeatedly criticizes the girl in a racist rant.

Some customers sat quietly, allowing the racism to continue, but others took a stand against the hatred.



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